There is no E@RTC on the 25th! Read on...

We traditionally take the weekend of the Pebble Beach Classic off so that some of our volunteers can attend Monterey Car Week. We have a lot of people out as of Saturday and it gives our volunteers a badly needed weekend off while the weather is nice... but then again, it could be raining this coming Saturday anyway for all we know. It's too far off to tell, but either way, lets just called it rained out so those who are grumpy don't write us to complain. This also gives our volunteers the chance to catch up on their tweezing.

We still have people who use the old entrance so we're going to start sending you around the block. Do it twice and we're going to send you home to start all over again. You don't want Sean pinching your ear and telling you to knock it off either. So, be good and just go around the block like a decent human who has manners and stuff. We can tell the pros from the rookies from the entrance they use. Look like a pro. Make mom proud.

Oh, don't forget this coming Saturday is when Greg's 250 GTO goes up for auction in Monterey. The auction starts at 5:30 PM and we'll post where you can watch it online. We believe you can see it on YouTube live. We'll get the word out as soon as we know. If you know who will televise it, let us know. If you don't know, don't write us to tell us you don't know like you do about the weather sometimes. I've talked Greg into buying us all gum if it crosses $100 million.

See you all on September 1!