Put Off the Liposuction

We're expecting another great Saturday and it's the week before the big migration down to Monterey for Car Week. For many E@RTC is the gathering point before driving down. Some are then driving along the coast while others head inland into scorched earth and black lung and a chance to run for their lives from a fire. Such fun!

If you were thinking about liposuction, put that off until winter when there is nothing better to do.   Wait until it's dark and rainy out when nobody can see what you had done.

We still see new cars every week and it's always astonished us by how many cool cars are in this region. We have cars come from as far away as Montana to the east, and up from California and down from Canada. There are always surprises, even to us Parking Thugs who sometimes think we've seen just about everything. Once in a while we get someone from Fresno but they never have any idea where they are.

We also once again want to thank Redmond Town Center for putting up with us every Saturday. They are always wonderful in a wonderful sort of way. Thanks Jessica! We also want to thank our sponsors who ride along with us every season and also help get the cars out. And, we have to keep thanking our participants, spectators and our volunteers who all pitch in to make this a special thing every week. This is the very spirit of a real community event. It's the happiness the event brings to so many that has us doing it again and again.