Saturday Is Italian Car Day So Grab a Cannoli and Come On Out!

This Saturday is Italian Car Day, one of our biggest days of the season! We will have lots of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, other cars with a disproportionate number of vowels in their names. No seriously, this is our biggest day all season next to opening day. Other brands are still welcome as usual. (It's just a theme, not an ordinance.) Oh, wear Italian shoes if you have them. It helps set the mood.

The weather is expected to be beautiful that day and we're expecting our biggest turnout of the season so this is one you don't want to miss, unless you're getting married, divorced, or are stuck in a hospital with tubes from falling off a roof or something, then just stay right where you are. Poor fella. The point is, come early!

Italian clothes are designed for men who can hide behind rope. That's none of us, in case you didn't notice, so you won't see us in the latest Italian fashion. For you men who want to buy Italian stuff, pick a size then go up about four Xs, and that's about right. For our really big guys, we have to go right to a size T for tent. In Italy it's Paul & Shark, here it's Paul & Whale. In this US, XXXX would be about a medium. I don't know how Italian men can remain that thin no matter what. Us normal folk just read a pasta box at a store and walk out fatter. Aw-jeeze, I just looked at the on-line Paul & Shark Catalog. I have fishing line thicker than those guys.

We had to say no to the 160' Benetti in Mill Creek because the water level is a little low this summer. Sorry everyone. We know you had your heart set on that one. Still, it's going to be a wonderful day of exciting cars, joy and laughter. See you Saturday!