It's Going To Be A Nice Saturday! No, Really!

For those of you who are new to E@RTC, or new to Redmond, or new to Washington, or new to the USA or even planet Earth, this is now officially summer in the Northwest. It lasts from now until late September...then there is that one day in October, when it's over like someone flipped a switch. That's when we stop and besides we're all sick of each other and want to go work on getting a little fatter all winter.

This Saturday is when it's warm enough for all those cars without a top or heat of any kind can come out to play without the owners showing up with chattering teeth. This means we see a lot of beautiful Shelby Cobras and other stuff like that. We do get a lot of tourists from all over the world who show up so it's a good place to practice your Swahili or Moldavian, even if it's just the accent. It's fun to see so many come out from so far away. Some might be fresh out of school, or prison. We don't judge.

We get more email than ever before and lately much of it has to do with people who want to set up booths to sell or promote something. The frequency of the request just keeps growing and it's to sell everything from grandma's chainsaw art, to insurance and everything in between. It's almost always no. The reason I say, "almost" is because we do allow some non-profit car-related entities, such as America's Car Museum, or the Ferrari Club to set up a membership table. We are there to promote all things rare and exotic but if we got into real commercialization of our event it would be a lot less fun. We want E@RTC to feel like a backyard BBQ without the BBQ rather than a Chamber of Commerce trade fair. We get a million requests from charities who want your money and a kidney but we know you're already doing a lot.

We're also still getting a lot of requests to lower the bar on what gets in. We're just not going to to do that. We only have so much space and we're wanting to keep true to your expectations for a great show.

Please come out and enjoy the beautiful warm, warm, warm, Saturday morning. We only get a few of these so don't blow it sleeping in, or doing something in your basement you could have done last winter.