We're Rained Out for Saturday, June 9

Well, it was going to happen sooner or later. We're rained out for Saturday and we got lucky because it's not on German Car Day! So, stay in your jammies, watch a good movie or something or just snuggle with your dog, or sloth if you're into that kind of thing. Have you ever tried to walk a sloth? They are damn slow so don't think you will get much exercise. A walk around the block will take a week. It makes no difference how big your banana is either.

Even though we had a rainy first month, we've had a good run through May and into the first week in June. Summer around here doesn't usually start until the second week in July, so we're still ahead of the game. 

By the way, the "BMW Heroes of Bavaria" exhibit at the ACM museum in Tacoma is getting extremely good reviews so there is something you can do on a rainy Saturday morning. Way better than snaking a drain, or visiting a relative you don't like.

I also like the cafe in the museum. It's far better than usual prison-quality museum food you find at other places. It's good enough to be its own destination! Seriously, I'm not kidding. The cafe is that good! No, seriously!

You could also do some actual shopping at Redmond Town Center. Go buy some hardware or a mattress pad, take in a movie or buy some soap and a guitar while you're at it. Hot yoga!

We will see you all again next week, again, assuming it's not raining again.