Are We On Or Are We Off Or Are We On Or Are We Off????

As of Thursday early afternoon as I write this, I still don't know the answer. The most reliable source we use, Weather Underground, (not actually underground) says it will rain, but what do they really know? They only have degrees in this stuff plus all the fun gear. I wonder how they do with the ponies?

BTW, have you noticed? Greg's 250 GTO is just about everywhere in the news. Greg hasn't gone into hiding yet and will still be attending E@RTC. The car? Who knows. Would be nice to see it on last time. It will be missed. Again, if it hits $100 million, gum for everyone!

Well, it looks like we're (I'll fill in something here as soon as I know) rained out for Saturday. It will be a good day to scrub the cat box, tweeze, or test fireworks on a friend. They will get over their anger eventually.

Speaking of 4th of July and fireworks, when I was a kid if it broke we went to some open field and blew it up. That was our fireworks. There was none of this permit stuff. It was all legal back then. You could walk into any hobby shop and buy everything you needed to put an entire town to sleep. Everyone's grandmother had dynamite laying around somewhere as it saved time digging. You can't do that anymore. About the only thing we couldn't buy as a kid was a nuclear warhead.

Now fireworks are timed to great music. Boom just isn't good enough. Now it's the sound track from Michael Jackson on Ice blaring over your radio.

Because we're rained out, expect next Saturday to be very busy. We get frantic fun weekends around the 4th. This would normally be the busier of the two weekends, but you never know.

 We noticed the huge number of spectators that are showing up this season and we thank you all for coming out. That helps draw the cool cars.

Auto Angels is going to have their big show on July 28. It's a worthwhile event and a lot of cars from E@RTC will be heading over there after the show. More talk about it will follow in the coming weeks. Here is a link for all the details. "LINK"


Sorry for the rain out. We know someone will get their undies in a wad over this, but we have a lot of interests to balance. Sleep it off, you will feel better.