Breaking News!

I never understood the concept of "breaking" news. What's it "breaking" exactly? I've seen this for years, "Breaking news!" and everything in my house is just fine. So, if I just broke something, I'm sorry. Hope it wasn't expensive. Speaking of expensive... HERE IS BREAKING NEWS!

The big news is that one of the best friends we have at E@RTC, and someone who's been a terrific supporter of all things E@RTC is sending his magnificent Ferrari 250 GTO off to Monterey for auction. Rebecca Lindland was just here writing the story and you can find it here. No really, here. Most of you have seen the car on Ferrari Day and now get to see what happens in Monterey.

Greg said that if the car sells for $100 million he's buying all of us gum. If it sells for less, we all have to share.

Rebecca Lindland was busy working on the story prior to coming to E@RTC and she worked tirelessly on it right up until it had to be submitted. She works her ass off and spent a lot of time getting every little detail exactly right. It's what great journalists do. She's well worth following. Not in the stalker sense, like don't go to her house or anything and drool on a window, but you know what I mean. Follow her online as there are not enough writers like her.

Thank you Rebecca for taking the time to come see us and writing such a great story. By the way, some of you only scared her a little, nothing a little therapy won't cure, or some pills.


The amount of email we get grows every week. Most of it has to do with car qualifications for E@RTC. It helps us a lot if you check our website first, then contact us if it's not clear. We will always answer every email, but sometimes we fall behind because of the volume, and often we're dividing and sending it out for a handful of volunteers to answer. It's a lot of email. It's not actually a handful. None of us are that small. One volunteer is more than a handful. Be patient, we will answer your email, and if we don't get back to you, then yell at us.


We're coming up on the longest day of the year. Imagine the beach burn you can work up on that day alone. Just think, Florida-quality beach jerky in just one day! Safety tip for the day, shed the rust, but don't combust!