Two Saturdays In A Row!!! And Now In Our Regular Location

Can you believe it? Two Saturdays in a row of fabulous E@RTC! It's going to be a beautiful Saturday morning with temps in the 70s that day. We're still not ready to see those shiny white legs so hold off on that.

This will be our first Saturday in our normal location between BJs Restaurant and Ducati. We're still using the new spiffy entrance so don't forget, but we're back to having all the cars in one general location. The map to the new location is in last week's blog so just look further down on this page... no further down...further... until you see what looks like a map, then stop.

We received a lot of email about last week's opening day and, most were praising our volunteers and telling us how much fun they had. Our volunteers are some very dedicated people who do a lot each week to sustain our event. We can't thank them enough.

We had some email from those of you who shared your anger about those few who try and ruin it for everyone by their bad behavior on exit. We always get a few of those kids on opening day who just don't know how to self-manage. We know who they are, and have it on video. Just so you know, some are now banned for the season, while others will be asked to not show up for a while until the pitchforks, crudely painted signs and torches go away. Believe me, it's isn't just us volunteers who get upset at these self-absorbed rumbletooties, it's also our participants and spectators who don't want to see the event die. The only way some of you can make it right is if you bought everyone a puppy, and where are you going to get 2,000 puppies on short notice?

Okay, enough about that. We had a lot of fun last week and we plan to continue our rolling party all summer long... The weather is looking good for next week too. By the way, just as we thought and for the record, some of you did get fatter.

Heroes of Bavaria


America's Car Museum is doing something cool this coming Saturday night. They put together an amazing exhibit called "Heroes of Bavaria"  with an opening celebration that begins at 5:00 PM and runs until 9:00PM. The event features the unveiling of 17 rare and historically significant BMW motorsports vehicles, plus artifacts and memorabilia displayed in ACM’s remarkable Showcase Gallery. This is going to be very cool. Check out the link. This will be especially meaningful to all of you BMW fans.

Speaking of the Museum, the new CEO, Adam Langsbard will be coming out to join us in his 928, making him easier to spot. Please say hello and welcome him to the Northwest. He's new around here so show him a good time. Make him feel right at home, like his gram-gram put this whole thing together. Bring a casserole!

I've spent some time getting to know Adam since he began and he's got a real sense of how he wants to grow the stature of the museum. He's very dedicated to building a great car culture in the Northwest and we're lucky to have him up here.

Car Criteria

We've updated our car criteria page to up the bar just slightly. Dan has done a very good job of going through each brand to further clarify what makes it in. We beat the criteria topic to death all over our site so we don't need to hash it all here. We turned a lot of cars away last week that did not fit the event. It kills us to turn any car away, but as it was, we still had to shut the gates with well over 100 cars sent to the spectator parking lot, many which were qualified to get in, just because we were full.

We are not a "Cars and Coffee" event and we never have been. Our target is exotic and rare cars, hence the name. Some showed their displeasure after not getting in by racing up and down Bear Creek, apparently demonstrating the muffler they bought, eventually resulting in Redmond PD showing off the new cars they bought through the proceeds from ticketing their ass.

Again, if your page doesn't cover it, we always do our best to get you an answer about what does and doesn't fit the event via email and we answer every one. Even among ourselves we have to discuss it at times. Sean does a great job sorting out the bar for the day and he couldn't be a nicer guy. We're all just doing our best to put on a great show and we hate to turn any car away.

Photo Page

Don't forget to check out the photo page with all the beautiful shots taken from last week's opening day. We have some amazingly talented photographers who share their work every year.

See you all Saturday morning!