Thanks For a Terrific Opening Day... Except For Those... Read On...

Every season we start out with a few who show up and want to ruin the event for everyone else. I hate to post this, but we have a zero-tolerance policy on the matter and we're not backing down on this even a little.

These self-absorbed, highly narcissistic and remarkably immature individuals think they are impressing everyone when they do a burnout on exit. You're not impressing the adults in the room for sure, and you're demonstrating your inability to even consider the efforts of others who work so hard to put on this event. Nope, it's all about YOU! You're ruining the event for all of those who come out and for those who put in long hours to put on this great show, all unpaid, all volunteer. If you don't feel even a small amount of embarrassment, you're way too far from adulthood and definitely not welcome at E@RTC. Please don't come back. We don't want you at our event, ever. Go start your own and see how long you last. Learn to have some empathy for others.

We'd guess that 80% of the problem is modded cars, which is why we've placed limits on the show and plan to raise the bar even higher. You not only ruin it for everyone else, you also damage the reputation of the very group of car owners you're always begging us to allow in. You've proven our point.

Even those of you who stand on the tree lawn encouraging this behavior, you too are part of the problem and we plan to fix it. This is also why we're forcing cars to exit into Redmond and not onto Bear Creek. We just can't afford to let narcissistic individuals ruin for all of those who work so hard to make this event a success every week.

To the guy in the black GT-R who did a burnout after we spoke with you, you're definitely not welcome back. We know who you are, we have your plate number and we have you on video. It's going to Redmond PD for your next attempt at gaining entrance. You demonstrated that you're clearly not at a maturity level where you know instinctively how to behave at such an event. You're like the kid on a flight that every surrounding passenger wishes parenting required a license, just to birth you.

To the dude in the tired grey Maserati, not only are you not welcome back, your car sounds like sun-baked dog poop, so nice try. You're not allowed back either. 

In spite of it sprinkling asshats here and there along Bear Creek, we had a wonderful show. As usual, thanks to all the volunteers who ran their asses off today to get that many cars into the show. Thanks to all the great car owners who came out and knew how to behave, and to all the spectators who come out to enjoy these cars.

We had an estimate 650 cars show up, with only around 500-550 getting in, even doubles stacked in rows. We did our best to get everyone in and we still turned away an estimated 100 cars or more. At one point we had almost 50 backed up at the entrance and we could only absorb another 13 before we had to close the gate.

For those of you who argue about our lowering the bar, this is why we can't do it. It's also in the lower end of car values where we have the most problems. We're going to come up with ways to reduce the number who get in and we may have to move to invitation only in some cases and in some classes of cars. We're considering every option to keep a few from damaging the event. We're serious about solving this problem that just a handful of you cause. For those of you who know these individuals who behave badly, let them know that their selfish behavior is taking away something that's important to you too.