Saturday Is German Car Day! Grab the Lederhosen and Something With Ruffles!

This Saturday is German Car Day! (Not everywhere, just at E@RTC.) Other exotic and rare cars are still welcome, it's just that we showcase those cars made in the land of beer, brats, accordions and bouncy music. In heaven they hand out harps, in hell it's accordions... and bagpipes when they run out. If you're really bad you get a didgeridoo or maybe toe symbols. I don't know really.

We're expecting a very large turnout so those of you showing cars need to study our new entrance very carefully and get there early. This means you. Yeah, you. I'm looking right at you so don't show up late and expect to get in. You won't. Even if you try and shove a few bucks our way or temp us with food. The new entrances has worked out extremely well so far this season and so we like to keep doing what works. Doing what doesn't work is called General Motors.

I don't want to have to remind a few people that show up with attitude, that we don't put up with much. No, seriously. We're here to have a good time and not deal with over-inflated egos, so please put those away until you're well outside Redmond city limits. We don't want to have to call your mother.

It's looking like the weather will be decent too, so it should be a wonderful day, assuming a few don't try and spoil it for everyone. Do you notice a theme here? It goes without saying that for those who behaved badly in the past, you're our guests and therefor we ask that you follow our direction for the most fun possible. We do this every Saturday so we have this kind of down.

We will always do our best to make everyone happy, except for those who try and ruin it, and you don't want to be sent directly to lot 9. Just getting to lot 9 will take up most of your day. It's a nice drive, but you'd be the only one showing and you'd have to deal with the weird guy who always wants to snuggle. Don't force us to send you to lot 9.

For the rest of you, thank you for all your support year after year. We'd all be a Turkish prison fighting over a ham sandwich without you.

See you all on Saturday!