We're on for Saturday and Next Week, June 2, is German Car Day

Wow, four weeks of E@RTC in a row in May! How fun is that! Way better than a hairy guy running naked through a wax factory. And, the cars keep getting better and better each season!

We get a lot more email than ever before and we're still getting a lot of questions about what qualifies to get in. We strongly recommend reading the "Criteria" page first before you email us. You may find answers right there and if not, then email us. No, you won't find an answer to why you got turned down on that hot date, or future lottery numbers, but you will find out if your car is a good fit for this weekly event.

German Car Day

June 2 is German Car Day and you know what that means. This of course, is in addition to this coming Saturday for those who can't seem to put together the Legos in their head that we're a weekly event and every so often we toss in a special theme, such as on June 2, German Car Day. German Car Day usually means a lot of yelling at someone.  For those German cars who want to participate, it's the same criteria as always, except those machines built over there are given center row and around the side of the mall and into the main lot. Come practice your German! Find a sausage!

For those of you from the clubs, we suggest you stage your cars over by Bed Bath and Beyond and then form your row before you come in through our new entrance. This will reduce some of the yelling you always bring and we won't have to send you to Lot 9 in Moclips. You read that right. If you hear that you're heading to Lot 9, it's not a good thing... Ask those who routinely get sent to Lot 9. We don't tolerate the bad behavior that some try and bring in who ruin it for everyone else. They can just not show up and go get ice cream and sit in a park or something. The rest of us are going to have fun.

Also, as always, if you sent us email and you didn't get a response from us, try again. We do our best to answer every one. We get a lot of mail so it's a matter of sending it to the right person as it comes in. Please though, do us a huge favor and check the site first for answers to your questions. That helps cut down on our workload so we can put that time into other cool stuff.