We are ON for Cinco De Opening Day of E@RTC!

Yes, you read that right. We are ON for E@RTC! Not a little on, but fully and completely on, so we will have upwards of 600 cars show up this Saturday after our delayed..., delayed..., delayed..., delayed, Opening Day. Don't forget our new entrance! See the map below! Study the map carefully to avoid deep personal embarrassment and weeks of therapy!!!!

You know, some may not even get in because we only have so much room so come early. Come watch all the excitement as our volunteers all personally soil themselves trying to get that many cars into the right slots at the right time. It's poetic precision combined with some yelling.

We're giving out two for one passes to America's Car Museum to every car that comes in until we run out of passes. It's a wonderful museum and a great destination after the event!

This is going to be a thrilling day so don't miss it. It's well worth crawling out of your warm Snuggy to come see these beautifully polished machines on a Saturday morning.

Finally, you get to see how much fatter we all got over winter. Okay, some may need to lay off the roids, but that's a different post. You know who you are...

Speaking of fatter, Lunchbox Lab will also be opening for breakfast at RTC. You read that right. Come stuff yourself like it's your last meal! Look at this tempting ad they put together below. I'm not sure what I'm looking at exactly, but it looks good. Don't worry, you can then go sweat it off in hot yoga on the other side of the building.

BTW, if you do go to Lunchbox Lab, don't forget to pick up your toys at 11 as it's not cool to leave them strewn around the parking lot when the mall needs the spaces. Remember when mom screamed, "Pick up your damn toys or you're not going to prom!" No?