Sneaky Sneaky

I'm writing and editing this as I voluntarily zing through the skies at 530 MPH in a tube that has wifi. Imagine that! Even with a few bumps, this is way better than a ride in the dryer.

You're not going to believe this, oh, but maybe you will. As our volunteers were busy helping us get cars parked, a couple of cars we already turned away, snuck in by moving cones on the back side of the lot when we were not watching that corner. While we're all looking out for you, someone is still making it about them. You wonder what their parenting was like, honestly. Bring your mom and dad, we want to meet them and see how you were not raised. Because of you, we now have to staff more volunteers just to watch that corner. How thoughtful!

I sometimes think we need a dedicated staff therapist or a scary priest for some of these self-centered individuals who still think this should all be about them. If you are a psychologist, and want to make a few bucks, come down to E@RTC and pass out a card or two to these self-absorbed humans who don't think they ever have to follow rules, or be accountable in any way. No, they seriously believe that rules are for other people. They are somehow privileged. None of us have the time to figure out what the hell is wrong with them. They probably buy their own trophies too, but I digress.

By the way, we have security footage of that side of the lot in case someone wants to press the issue. We've refrained from naming you, but we will, oh, and post the video.

Where is a nun with a good stiff ruler when you need one? You learn a thing or two about following rules if you ever had one of those levitating over you like I did as a kid. Man, I can still hear that wind-splitting ruler crack like it was yesterday. Sister Ray Nitschke could rip you right out of your shoes and hold you in the air with one arm and teach you the meaning of a good rule as she ceremoniously mopped the floor with your ass. She could beat Chuck Norris silly while eating breakfast. She was so tough there is no such thing as a nun/Norris joke... well, except for NunChucks.

One problem we're starting to have that we've not seen in a while is cars covered in promotional messages, as sort of a rolling billboard for something automotive-related. We first saw that when we first began and we're going to have to start cracking down on that little problem again. The ONLY ones who we allow are those who are formal sponsors of our event, and even then we've limited our sponsorships so that they are consistent with our brand. Please do us a favor and make it about the car, not your business. Besides, it's kind of cheesy and you're not fooling anyone. You also end up looking like the only way you can afford the car is if you put stickers all over it. Hint; it's a wee bit tacky too. We don't mind a reasonable, tasteful sticker or windshield banner, but please keep it in check.

NOTE: Okay, if you're the peanut M&M car all stickered up, and you're handing out one pound bags, you're in. Forget everything I just said. We're all going to love your car as we munch M&Ms.

Look at it from our prospective- you've worked hard to earn the money to buy your nifty car, and you're constantly hit up for something as it is. Everyone and their long-lost cousins from Fresno is trying to sell you something, including, wheels, tinting, wrap, a new Flowbee, and you just want to be left the hell alone on a nice Saturday morning. About the last thing you want is someone to be shoving something at you so we pay close attention to this stuff. Yes, we allow automotive brand clubs to sell memberships on their theme days, or America's Car Museum to sell memberships to the museum, but that's a 501c3 charity and it's directly related to our show, meaning they support us too, and it's in the spirit of getting cool cars to the show. We also hand out very popular two for one ACM tickets to cars that get in... until we run out.

We do allow some dealers to bring out a few cars, but some in the car business are pushing it with products and services and we're starting to get a few complaints. We're not going to turn E@RTC into a car lot... wait, you know what we mean, car sales lot. Also, E@RTC isn't a place for you to come make a buck selling watches, eyewear, insurance, used glass eyes, or anything else like that. Our goal is to make it about the cars and the friends you make at E@RTC. It's about good conversation that doesn't end with a sales pitch. So, for those of you who complained; noted, we're all on the exact same sheet of paper.

We still get a lot of email asking how often we have our weekly event, even though "weekly" is plastered everywhere. What are we missing? We've tried just about everything to point out that there are weekly events and special events and yet we still get a few emails a week asking about our next event. We're open to suggestions. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WE'RE A WEEKLY EVENT!