We have a new entrance! Please study the map as there will be a test!

Greetings E@RTC enthusiasts! We have a new entrance to E@RTC. If you're heading east, go one block further, if you're coming towards the west, it's one block sooner. If you're coming from the north, you can still get in the usual way but we'd prefer if you went around the block, Coming from the south, won't work, well, because there is no street.

So why the extra block to get in? We're trying to reduce the traffic on Bear Creek Parkway and we need more time to sort cars so we can move them into the lots much faster. This way we can talk to those who's cars are not right for the event without blocking all traffic. We think we can speed up the rate in which we move cars in.

We're expecting over 600 cars this opening weekend and so far the weather is holding so for those of you who have been stressing out, you can reduce your medication accordingly, but always with your doctor's advice.

Right now, as I write this, it's all looking very good. We don't expect big changes by Saturday, but... it has happened before, so wait until Thursday before you break out in a happy dance and show your friends your best moves.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 12.56.04 PM.png

We've never been flooded with this much pre-season email about the event. We're getting a lot of email about car qualifications and we answer every one, so if we missed you somehow, please ping us again. We try and answer all email as fast as we can.

Stay turned for Thursday's final announcement for Saturday! Time to do some laundry.