We Are Rained Out For Opening Day!

Well, we're rained out for Saturday. It will be full-on squishy all day with squish continuing into the night. This means we're canceled for this one day!!! 

Someone asked the question if this news means we have no opening day...I had to think about that one for a moment... No, it just means we wait a week and try again...and again...and again... until Mom Nature decides not to water on a Saturday morning. I think what they meant was is it less festive the next time around if we cancel. The answer is, it just increases our overall festiveness when it does happen. Festiveness goes up about 5% a week in anticipation until opening day happens.

For those of you new to E@RTC, we cancel if the Thursday's chance of rain for Saturday is 30% or more. This means, the weather folks, NOT us, occasionally get it wrong. We live with the shame.

Bring the BMW Heroes of Bavaria to ACM

The folks at America's Car Museum down in Tacoma who are always fooling around, have a very cool project in the works involving bringing an entire BMW Heroes of Bavaria collection of cars to the museum. They started an Indiegogo campaign and this is a good one. It's very cool stuff and it's a great way for the museum to pull the cars we all want to see. Please check out the page and do what you can to help get these cars out here. Let your BMW friends know about it. We know there are a lot of you out there. You can't all be cheap bastards.

I know we're all itching to get the season started. Maybe not itching exactly, but we're all eager for sure. It's going to be our biggest season ever judging by the substantial quality of email we're already receiving. Web traffic is way up, and so is the use of laundry soap. We have more dining choices this season. Some will take advantage of the Original, copy of the Pancake House, a place I love. The toasted coconut pancakes are worth stabbing your hand with a fork.

See you next week! (Yes, weather permitting... and that you did all your paperwork with the warden.)