We're Rained Out Again! What The...????

We're rained out. Sorry!

For those new to E@RTC, we're rained out if the chance of rain in the National Weather Service Area Forecast Discussion and summary shows a 30% chance of rain or higher on the Thursday afternoon's report. Why? Nobody wants to stand out in the rain, we end up with a poor showing and few people have a good time. Oh sure, there is that occasional tweaker but they have no idea where they are anyway and are just passing through on their way to Fresno. They probably wintered in Forks. I have no idea why.

We call it on the Thursday afternoon because too many people come a long way and have to make hotel reservations and this way they have time to cancel and still get their money back. Sometimes NOAA gets it wrong. Complain to them. We're not the ones on the roof with binoculars, a flag, and a cup. 

We get a lot of email if we're "on" or "off" and we're just not answering it anymore because it burns up too much of our time when we post it everywhere on that Thursday afternoon. We get people who ask us early in the week if we're going to have E@RTC that Saturday and again, buddy, we're not the ones on the roof, with the binoculars, a flag, and a cup.

Then we get those who want to argue with us about the weather who claim to have their own binoculars, flag, and a cup, but it doesn't matter because the National Weather Service has professional grade binoculars, a flag, and a cup. We listen to them, even if they are wrong once in a while.

We get hate mail about two topics; is my car exotic enough, and the weather. We do our best to get them both right, so give us a break. We're sorry and we will try again next Saturday. See you then...If we're not rained out.