E@RTC Is Canceled Due To Predicted High Levels Of Atmospheric Dihydrogen-Monoxide

We have canceled E@RTC because the predicted levels of atmospheric dihydrogen-monoxide exceed acceptable levels in the region. As you all know, prolonged exposure can lead to physical discomfort, and may cause corrosion to some unprotected metal surfaces. Such exposure will eventually dissolve any known substance and we just can't take such risks. It is the leading cause of land erosion, so there is that.

While commonly used as a food additive, excessive amounts have been known to actually be harmful. Most people faced with such high levels simply remain indoors and limit their exposure as much as possible. Besides, we only have one volunteer who's actually certified to work in extremely dense levels of the substance while breathing specially blended gases to survive such environments. It's how he can afford a Lamborghini.

We will try again next weekend...which is already looking like it will have more acceptable levels.

Are You Canceled This Weekend??? Wut?

I don't know how to make the words blink on our banner. We're getting a lot of email about if we're on or off, even though we have a big green banner on our front page in case you missed it. You can also receive text messages by signing up on our contact page with the latest news if we're on or off. This way you just get a text message and don't have to email us. We also let you know on Facebook so you don't have to email us. Yet, in spite of all that, we will STILL get email asking the question. We don't want to just not answer, but come on! 

Salish Lodge

I had a meeting with Chris Roberts about valet parking at Salish and their new policy. As you know, they get really slammed, especially after E@RTC when so many people run up there for lunch. Well, not, "slammed" in the physical sense, but in the very busy sense of the word for those of you visiting from Fresno. There is no way for the valets to take the time to have everyone self-park, etc., so they are now valet-only and they know what they are doing. Don't go bugging them to park your own car. 

If you're going as a group, give the valet stand a call before you head up, at 425-831-6539. (I checked the number so you're not calling some gram-gram in Iowa.) Let then know ahead of time so they can get some cars moved, but you're still not parking yourself, so don't even ask, please. They have enough logistics to worry about. It's only under very rare circumstances where you're car's value is seven figures or more, then it's worth a talk, but please call first.

They couldn't be a nicer bunch of guys, and they have been helping us since our first season, but the place has become a real madhouse on nice days and they are just trying to manage a lot of stuff all at once. Thanks again Chris for all you and your team does for us up there. It's still everyone's favorite place to take friends from out of town. They get especially busy after E@RTC, so call and let them know you're heading up if there is more than one of you.

We hope to see you all next week, assuming acceptable conditions.