Gearing Up For Season Ten!

Can you believe it??? We've made it to ten seasons! Some of you couldn't drive when you first came out. Okay, some of you still can't, but most of you are now showing up and participating and we're thrilled to have you back again and again! Thank you for getting us this far! It means a lot to us.

Next Saturday is our volunteer kickoff meeting which will soon be followed by a volunteer drive for this upcoming season along with the usual assignments. The same cast of characters are all returning but we've gotten to be so big that we're now dividing roles to keep from burning any one volunteer to a crisp. By October we all look like George Hamilton without ever hitting a tanning bed or spending five minutes in the sun. We just kind of crisp out from the early mornings and long days.

As usual, we have a lot of surprises in the works. I'd write them all here, but then that wouldn't be much of a surprise. The season will again be improved with more sponsorships to help us bring you the best possible event.

All winter long we've been receiving requests to advertise other people's events, or somehow raise money for some other charity and we just can't do it. We have enough on our plate just running our event. We also have a lot of folks who want to somehow "partner" with us, for their financial gain, and that's just not something we can do. We only take limited sponsors for that reason. We're not out to be difficult, but it doesn't make sense to have volunteers to work to promote someone else's business.

We're also getting a lot of, "Is my car exotic enough?" questions before they look at the qualification page. The question is often overwhelming by volume and tenacity, especially when we get up to ten a day. If it's not spelled out on our list, then write us and we're happy to help, but we have way too many who know then answer based on the list who then want to argue with us.

Keep in mind, each season, our goal is to put on an event that people want to drive a great distance to see that's memorable. It often comes down to that test, do we think anyone would drive a long way to come see that car? After all these seasons, it's still annoying to have people argue with us when we're here to make the best possible show. Still, come out to the show, and if you're still unsure, ask one of the volunteers to look at your car and they can quickly tell you what works and what doesn't.

We've also been setting up plans all winter with the folks at America's Car Museum so stay tuned for that as well. We're down to just five weeks before our season begins so we're getting busy making sure everything is in place. We're excited to start another great year!