Less Than Two Weeks To Go!

We are getting a lot of email already about the upcoming season of E@RTC. Some are looking for hotels, others are looking for admission prices, even though it's free, and others want to know if their car is exotic enough. Nobody ever asks how to get to Fresno, ever. Hold up your hand if you're from Fresno. See, nobody admits they are from Fresno.

We are getting more volunteers who want to be volunteers and we're happy about that. We always needs lots of help each season, however that said, this is a lot of work and what's in it is the fun of hanging out with a bunch of guys who have a great time together and are there to see the joy in others who come out to see these marvelous machines. That makes it worth it for me.

We will be posting directions to our new entrance this season in our attempt to make it easier for cars to line up and get in. We're getting bigger and, well we need the elbow room.

Adam Langsbard who is the new CEO of America's Car Museum will be joining us on the 7th, assuming we're not rained out. Adam is new to the area, having taken on his role late in the year. Come out and say hi to Adam and introduce yourselves and give him a warm Northwest welcome...If there is such a thing. Well, at least there is at E@RTC. Adam is a great guy and we wish him all the success in the world in his new role. The museum will also be bringing a couple of cars as often as possible.

We have lots of surprises in the works for this season and one of the bigger changes is we've reduced theme days because it was just too much to manage and coordinate, so we made it about nationality of cars; German, Italian...Trinidadian...no scratch that last one. They are all on our events page. More stuff will be added throughout the season.

Opening day always brings surprises so don't miss it. Some of us get shockingly fatter over the winter and that's always good for a laugh. For most of us, we just look a little older and can't remember names until we get home later that day or in the shower and look down and remember, Dick!

See you all on the 7th! More posts between now and then I promise.