Nineteen Days to Go!

Can you believe it? It's almost like we woke up from a coma but without all the tubes and "get well" balloons tied to our beds. It's hard to believe how fast this winter flew by and how much work there was to get ready for this new season of E@RTC. We didn't have time to hit the spa or nothing. It was all work, work, work... Some of us took advantage of the new yoga center at Redmond Town Center and can now tweeze our own backs, but so what. You want to know what we have planned this year. Well, it's bigger and better than ever.

We had our volunteer meeting to count who was still alive and to make sure everyone still liked each other. They did, so then we ate a lot of pizza and laughed about the highlights from 2017. We have a few new faces joining us this season and we will be looking for more volunteers to help us with all the fun stuff we have going on this year.

We will have an all new entrance this year as well. We didn't actually build anything, it's all the same asphalt and stuff, but we changed how you come in to make it easier to show up and be in line to get in. We had to make the change to keep the cars off Bear Creek so don't get mad as I think it will ultimately help you get parked even faster than before. We're always looking for ways to improve the event you've come to know and love.

It's long overdue that we give a shoutout to the valets up at Salish Lodge for their many years of support as it's always where some people go after E@RTC. Those guys have been very good to us going back years before Nick got dragged out the window of an LFA like a beached beluga giving birth. Thank you Chris and the others for all you do. The valets have always done an outstanding job for us and we much appreciate it. The food is also very good so there is that too.

Opening day is often close to our biggest day of the season so it's not one to ever miss. We're working on opening up even more space than ever before for your viewing enjoyment. The volunteers have been working on their pointing skills all winter and some even went so far as to attend drool management classes. Apparently, bad habits were ruining date night, but I digress.

I will be posting a lot more as we get closer so please keep checking back here for the latest news and information.