We're On For Our First Saturday Encore!

Wow! We’re on two weeks in a row and it’s October! How cool is that? Let’s call it our first encore.

Just so we’re clear, and so we don’t get everyone’s chronically unemployed uncle writing us for clarification, I’ll repeat it again. If it rains next Saturday the 13th, we’re done for the season. If it doesn’t rain it will be our last Saturday of the season and everyone can just go home and rake. This means, there is all the possibility that this will be our last Saturday. Now, watch how many write me to explain what I just said…wrote.

This is a great time of year to go for a drive and take in the fall colors. It’s fun to get that last drive in around the North Cascades over to Winthrop, then down to Leavenworth (not the prison) and home. It’s that time when the squirrels are busy gathering up the nuts, irony is that cold does the same thing… moving on.

We then move into Thanksgiving, and holiday parties. You win that ugly sweater competition you didn’t know you entered. It’s sort of a free shot at your every-day wardrobe. Before we know it, it’s going to be spring again. We’ll all show up fatter, again, again.

Don’t forget the museum! I’m talking about America’s Car Museum in Tacoma. It’s a great place to go and hang out, see your friends, and talk cars, all while staying warm and dry! The food in the cafe is very good. Seriously, it’s surprisingly good! It’s not the same prison-quality stuff you get on the ferry either.

This could be it folks! It could be your last Saturday to come see us, hang with us, talk about your spouse, car or doctor, or all three, or those yodeling lessons you won at the auction. Come out say you goodbyes, find a winter snuggle buddy or something. There is someone there for everyone. See you Saturday!