If You Show Up on Saturday...

You will be a little disappointed. Where exotics once stood, you will see just about the same cars you saw at work on Friday. About the only exotic thing you will are possibly some pink windshield wipers or some wheels that we’re not exactly factory. Even then, the mall doesn’t open until later so chances are the lot will just be empty. The produce delivery guy will be dancing for joy, but that’s about it. In case you missed the memo, we’re done for the season.

Still, some will show up and be standing there thinking, “where the heck is everyone?” (you know you wouldn’t use the word ‘heck’) The answer is we called our season ender last week you illiterate fool. This gives our volunteers one nice weekend off before the rains hit…or so they show in the forecast. Most will head to Leavenworth (not the prison) for some beer and polkas. You need beer for polkas. As Gary Larson once so insightfully illustrated, in heaven they hand out harps. In hell it’s accordions.

I see they are forecasting a mild winter. In all my years living out here in Washington State, they never got it right even once. The weather folks mis-forecast our Saturdays a few times and that was just 48 hours before the event. There is about as much chance of them getting it right as there is Beyonce rocking a tuba.

The Farmers Almanac says it will be a teeth-chattering dare I say, nut-hugging cold winter. So we’ll see who’s right. I’ll bet on the Almanac.

We’re already planning our 10th anniversary celebration. We still can’t get an aircraft carrier up Mill Creek, but we tried. Can you believe we made it ten years? I still can’t get over it. We thought we’d survive a couple of seasons, have a few laughs and that would be it. We’re now the oldest weekly event in the US. That says a lot.