We're all done folks! But...

Well, that’s it for the season everyone! What a great turnout on our last day. We managed to squeeze 342 cars into our space and we still turned away twenty or more, not to mention those who drove by that couldn’t get it. Sorry, but we can only take on so many BMWs before others have an aneurysm, given that our first priority is exotic and rare cars.

As usual, there were a few, dare I say, ass-hats on departure, given it was our last day. The gal in the yellow Porsche who fishtailed her way past me is not welcome back. She was already warned, but nope, she thinks her fun should come at the expense of everyone else. Talk about self-absorbed!

By the way, in case you don’t know what an ass-hat is exactly, it’s sometimes referred to as an ass-gasket, or in some places, simply a free cowboy hat. It’s that toilet protector you see in bathrooms that looks far more dangerous than the toilet itself. I’d rather poop in a field, but that’s just me. Some will be offended by reading this, probably because they really thought it was a free cowboy hat.

Most of the ass-hats were driving up and down Bear Creek who didn’t get in, but felt the need to just race around Redmond, which isn’t all that thrilling for the rest of us. We have better things to do with our time.

So, we will keep posting here all winter. We always have something to say about something. Our opening day for 2019 will be April 6. It will be our 10th anniversary! We are planning to do something for it, so it will be big. Thank you all for a wonderful season. It was a terrific last day and one of our very best! Thank you all!