Only About Five or Six Weeks Left...But...

We sure had a lot of fun at the America's Car Museum Summer-Ender Fender Bender. They had an extremely good turnout while it rained in Redmond. They didn't see rain until later in the afternoon as the droplets marched south like a tiny invading army.

We also had a great conversation with the folks there about all the fun stuff we're contemplating for not just the end of our season, but also what could happen this winter, such as a few gatherings at the museum just to hang around and see each other so we don't forget names, faces, or the bucks we owe someone. This way you're also reducing the chance of getting hugged warmly by that sweaty guy on opening day; desperately trying to remember names, with no clue who has you in a surprisingly awkward struggle snuggle as you softly call for help before you panic and pass out.

You know, we're not terribly excited about mimes showing up at E@RTC. We don't talk about it much, but we sure make the hand gestures. We just don't like them and wish they would mime their way over to the dumpster. Pull themselves over with an invisible rope and get in. While we all know a mime is a terrible thing to waste, we're glad there isn't a mime school within 2,000 miles. Reminds me of the lyrics to the Willy Nelson song, "'re always on my mime..." It wouldn't surprise me one bit if there was a mime colony in Fresno. 

We're going to want more feedback from you about what you'd like from E@RTC in the coming season. Cover the white but glossy hairy legs is already on the list. So is better looking Thugs. We hear that one a lot. We're going to change the exit direction of E@RTC so cars aren't causing a problem on Bear Creek.

We will have more breakfast choices at RTC in 2018, so we've covered that one as well. We're working on some theme ideas, but we'd love to hear yours. We should have announcements for 2018 sometime in November so you can schedule a good rake on other days.

Did you notice we called it right on the weather and beat Mom Nature at Mumblety- Peg for once? Meanwhile she's showing those car events in Florida what "rained out" really looks like. We're all pulling for everyone down there. Also, on a serious note, please be careful where you send your money and check out the charity before you send a dime. There are lots of so called "charities" out there that use disasters more as fund-raisers without distributing squat to those in need. Some well known charities are on that list too. So, do your homework. If you spend a buck, make sure that buck actually goes to those in need, or you just paid for someone's new office rug, bedroom rug, head rug, or possibly that slurpee machine, or even someone's dad to play Santa at the annual company Christmas party.

You may have noticed the GIANT email subscription invite at the end of each blog. We have about as much control of changing the size as we do growing our own limbs. Sorry! We're using it to keep you in the loop. It will automatically send you this blog which should then show up in your email around 6 PM. We're just working out the bugs. It's not really bugs, it's more like me not knowing what the hell I'm doing just yet. But we appreciate you subscribing. We're humbled! I promise I'll get it all figured out. If a little old lady calls you from Dubuque, screaming at you to knock it off, I may have screwed something up. Scream back!