The Weather Gods are Playing Mumblety-peg With Us!

Remember the game? How many of YOU have a scar on your leg to prove it? My brother does! Okay, I'm not a good aim. Ooops! I mean, sorry! There was no X-box for us growing up. We actually bled. We lost teeth, broke bones, counted our stitches. There were no helmets, except the cheap $1.99 football helmet we'd find at the toy store, but that was only used when going off a cliff in a wagon. There was none of that sissy stuff while sitting in the comforts of a basement. Our moms were all emergency room mechanics who could shove a bone back in our leg while doing the laundry. Pussies! Oh and most of you women could Martha Stewart the crap out of a crypt before you were ten. If you weren't the one in the wagon, you were certainly pushing it. The girls were so tough in my neighborhood that they put creepy dudes on milk cartons.

While Mom Nature is busy messing things up with hurricanes and stuff, she's was thinking about tossing a little water our way on Saturday but things are improving the hour so we're on. (I'm adding this little caveat on Thursday afternoon, that the weather is still changing so we may not call it until Friday morning.)  This looks like one we should get right, but this is Washington, and at least we're not having to guess if a hurricane is going to hit us or not. That's mumblety-peg with a flaming chainsaw. We're all thinking about them.

We're now into that end of the season where we never know from one day to the next if we're going to make it to the weekend. We actually get on the phone like an old-fashioned gossip tree and debate the hell out of the weather like old men rocking on a porch swing and coordinate outfits when we're unsure what to do that day. I can assure you there is a 50/50 chance we'll get it right.

No matter what, even if we were rained out, which I don't think will happen, we'd still drive the daily drivers down to The Summer-Ender Fender-Bender that will be on rain or widespread sun. There is a 50/50 chance they will get it right too. Please come join us. This is our last chance to see Nick and Vic dance together like hippies on shrooms.

The other night we were talking about what we'd like to see happen as we grow E@RTC. Our thinking is that we'd like to draw cars from other parts of the country that you'd all want to see. We need more arms and legs as volunteers, along with a few decent heads, and so we will be looking for more people to help us on the administrative side in key areas this winter. We always want to see the event get bigger, but we don't want to lower your expectations either. We love it when we hear from you and your words matters more to us than a bus full of screaming nuns heading home from a hockey match.  We love it when we hear that you value our criteria to get in and all the help refining our standards so we're always putting on a great show, worthy of your time on a Saturday morning.

As for some other stuff, we are debating changing the exits of E@RTC to reduce problems along Bear Creek with some that just don't have the genetic capability to think of others. When gene therapy is something you can get at a 7-11, then maybe these individuals can comprehend how to best behave. We're also going to now river-dance over to the sidewalk and talk to those who encourage bad behavior. They too are a problem and ruin it for all of us so if you see it happening, please tell them to knock it off in the nicest of ways. You don't have to be super nice, but don't throw anything. RTC is already low on rocks. I read it in a memo.

We begin our calendar planning sometime in early November for 2018 so that we can get all the date conflicts worked out before everyone shows up in the same outfit. Some want more center circle events while some want less. There are drawbacks and benefits to both so if you have ideas, we'd love to smell what you're cook'n.

We're also contemplating a better organized and bigger drive down to Monterey next year that would leave immediately after E@RTC and arrive in Monterey on Wednesday, then blast home on Monday after the Pebble Beach event. We will need volunteers to work on that project too. Just because our season ends, don't think the Thugs just get put in the shed for the winter like those patio chairs. No, we have lots of poop to get done so we have a decent season opener. Hard to believe that next year will be our 10th season.