We Think Mom Nature Got Into The Hooch, So We're Off For Saturday.

Wow, have the weather folks been wrong a lot lately and they keep fooling around with Saturday, but we decided to call it RAINED OUT. We think the weather folks dug their cave a little deep. They were way wrong about the weather Monday night and we had to cancel our middle-of-the-night skeet shooting competition after the bars closed. I'm fine with it, because trust me, there is nothing worse than having pellets picked out of your butt by a laughing medical staff at 4 AM. It's "pull" BEFORE shoot."

We have probably three possible Saturdays left before our season ends for the year. Season nine is about to be in the record books. It was our best season ever! We may be over and not know it yet.

We were looking at our web traffic history and got a good laugh when we saw the giant spike in traffic around our April Fools prank. That was a lot of fun.

For those of you who are new, freshly out of prison, spent your summer on a rock in Nepal, or were locked in the basement by your ex, or your grandmother, in a coma, heavily sedated, or stuck in Fresno, we canceled our season opener on April 1 due to rain. Our opening day just happened to land on April Fools' Day this year. It was a gift to us from the Calendarians from thousands of years ago.

As a bunch of us Thugs were having breakfast that rainy morning anyway, we came up with the idea to still thank everyone for coming out. It was sort of a spontaneous April Fools' prank that gave us a good breakfast laugh. I raced back to my keyboard after breakfast and waited until about the time we'd normally be over then thanked everyone for coming out to our Best Opening Day Ever. We were further delighted that our loyal participants who got the joke quickly piled on and thanked us for the best opening day EVER, along with all the incredible stuff that happened on that opening day that never happened.

Those who didn't get our collective sense of humor, because they were new, freshly out of prison, spent their summer on a rock in Nepal, or were locked in a basement by their ex or their grandmother, in a coma, heavily sedated, or were stuck in Fresno, thought we were serious and it's the most hate mail we got all season; all for failing to tell them that we were still "on" that opening day. That blew up like adding nitrous to your mom's Civic without telling her. She sure got to work that busy street corner in a hurry that night. We were laughing ourselves to a point of sudden involuntary lost bladder control. As I write this, I'm having trouble typing because I'm still giggling like a kid who made X-Lax frosting for his friends before a hike.

We're having our annual season-almost-over Thug meeting this Saturday regardless of weather. This is where we sit around a giant bonfire (likely just a candle) and reminisce about the season, what worked, what didn't, before we forget. Planning for 2018 begins in about a month as we start to think about the calendar and all the coordination that entails.

We also will be looking for more volunteers to work behind the scenes on various details, such as car procurement, some marketing stuff, administration, etc. More on that coming up. Our volunteers are an amazing group of people who and the very reason we can make this all happen. Without them our lot would be a lot less magic. Please take a moment to thank them before the season ends. It would go a very long way.

I'm taking a moment here to thank my fellow thugs for all the laughs and good times this season. I'm proud to be one of you. Except for that one guy who's just a little nuts. You know who you are. You're typing this. I'm looking forward to hanging out with you all at our meeting.

Hopefully we see you all next week!