Bruce Leven

We got word a while back that long-time local car hero Bruce Leven passed away at 79. Bruce was a fan of E@RTC and we saw him here as late as July. He was open about his condition and was aware that this would be his last season at E@RTC. Think about this for a moment. Knowing you don't have a lot of time left, yet wishing to hang out with all of you. That's a car guy. He did what he wanted to do.

Bruce was a hero of thousands because he got to live the life that so many of us wished we could have. He was so willing to share his passion, including going through a lot of trouble to get his cars to E@RTC where he'd stand around chatting it up with the rest of us on a Saturday morning.

We have these folks at E@RTC, people who have singlehandedly changed the world, yet they never seek out attention. You probably wouldn't know much about their background other than the cars they drive. This is what makes E@RTC so special. We have these people who come out whenever they can who would otherwise be impossible to access, even if for no other reason but to say thanks. They come out to just be one of us and make friends, have fun and talk about cars. We've never name-dropped, or done anything to capitalize on their notoriety because what we all want most is to just come out and be a part of something. E@RTC makes us all more human. Bruce was always one of us and he will be missed. Thank you Bruce for being a part of E@RTC and always enthusiastically sharing your passion.