Ohoooo...The 23rd Is Looking Nice!

This may be one of the last times we say "...is looking nice" unless we're talking about some hottie that just fell out of the gym, so come out and help us end the season on a rumble.

It's looking like rain for Saturday the 30th... but that's a long ways off just yet. Give it a 50/50. Assuming it does rain, that takes us into October and we'll end our season sometime around mid-October. We don't want to see anyone crying when it happens. We will always have Fresno together.

We're working on our winter plan; daily drivers to the museum for some laughs, talk about the Moose we just bagged, Halloween, Turkey Day, Christmas. Fruitcake. Raise your hand if you like fruitcake. See, nobody raised their hand. Thought so.