Thank You America's Car Museum! AND Join us for ACM's End of the Season Fender Bender Party!!! ...And Other Stuff

A giant thanks to America's Car Museum for donating season's passes for our dedicated, and outstanding, yet not particularly hansom Thugs who worked so hard this season. We're extremely grateful for this generous show of support from the museum and we look forward to driving down after E@RTC September 9 for their second annual Summer-ender Fender-Bender!

This doesn't mean we're done for the season, oh no-no, but it sure is a lot better to have a party now than wait until it's soggy when we're all standing in the rain wishing we were somewhere else, (except Fresno of course). It's nice to have this party while it's warm and the food isn't all wet. Potato chips just don't crunch in the rain.

Our plan for the Summer-ender Fender-Bender, sponsored by Fender Guitar, with live music and food, is to head down to Tacoma after E@RTC and all vehicles are welcome, however exotics, rare and unique cars will have special parking like they did last year. The party will go on much of the afternoon and the weather should be great! Please come and have some fun and enjoy the grounds, the view and the museum!

For those of you who don't know, this is the largest car museum in the US and the exhibits and cars on display keep changing. There is always something new! The old fire wagon in the lobby is especially cool. It looks like a camp stove with chrome intestines.

And Now For A Serious Note

Once again we had two cars behave badly on exit and neither one is welcome back to E@RTC. We had a dark red Ferrari 430 go flying out of E@RTC and we have it on film and so does Redmond PD along with their plate number and description. There is plenty of video of these two acting like like ass-hats! Good luck with your next drive through Redmond. These two ruin it for everyone, but I'm sure they don't care, because it's all about them. Who cares about you or the volunteers who work so hard to sustain the event. They are both really stupid! Oh, and when they do get arrested, we supply the spectator popcorn for the hearing.

The other car was a flat gray 240Z that did something similar. Yup, you guessed it, both cars were asked to behave as they left the event, but when you're dealing with attention-seeking, self-absorbed, narcissistic children, they tend to not listen anyway, because of course, they are attention-seeking, self-absorbed, narcissistic children in the first place. Both of these idiots now have video of their behavior shared with Redmond PD and likely to be on YouTube for others to see. Now everyone in the car community also knows they are attention seeking, self-absorbed, narcissistic children. Even your significant other (if you have one at all) will now have evidence to support her belief that you're an attention-seeking, self-absorbed narcissistic child. I should just skip writing as it would be a lot to expect these two to think of anyone other than themselves, because again, they are attention-seeking, self-absorbed, narcissistic children to begin with.

For those of you who wish personal success in your life, it's hard to ever get there and achieve greatness at anything when you're an attention-seeking, self-absorbed narcissistic child in the first place. Greatness, in case you never learned, comes from what you do for others, not what you take away. It's never too late to straighten up. Where is Willy Wonka when you need him.

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