Why We're Not Cars & Coffee...And Hate Mail From Mimes

Because of my last post, I got a nasty letter from "Mime Your Own Business" a mime school in Weyauwega, Wisconsin. You know you have a bright future ahead when you plunk your hard earned dollars down on that tuition. Anyhow, I think it's a nasty letter, but I'm not completely sure. Inside was a badly-folded blank sheet of paper which in Mime means, really bad things. I crumpled it and mailed it back. I guess the mime war is on but you probably won't hear a thing about it.

By the way Weyauwega loosely translated means, "Horse go no further."

We get email fairly often where we're someone will refer to us as "Cars and Coffee" and we've never been Cars and Coffee. The term makes that little vein in our foreheads quiver a little. That's an entirely different event. We made a choice to distance ourselves from the beginning because of a wide range of issues, including behavior associated with the brand, and our desire to build our own unique identity and set of expectations for all of you every Saturday morning. We don't just represent you, we also represent the reputation of RTC and we care about how they are perceived. Besides, if they are nice enough to give us the space for E@RTC, we sure as hell were going to do everything we could to live up to the gift.

The very term "Cars and Coffee" doesn't define anything. It doesn't tell you what to expect other than, cars and coffee. Every Starbucks parking lot meets that definition, so does every Safeway, Target, and Walmart parking lot, so does every McDonald's so does every gas station, so does every funeral home, feed store and bait shop and appliance store, not to mention just about every parking lot in the country where there are cars in the parking lot and a pot of joe nearby. The term sets no standards, just cars...and, well, someplace within walking distance, coffee... That's it. The bar is usually so low that the biggest event in the country counted both spectator and participant cars for their total participation. Why pray tell? Because they couldn't tell the difference!

When I think of Cars and Coffee, the immediate image that comes to mind is a faded Honda Civic with a fart can that nobody wants to drive fifty miles to see. We know you love your car, we all loved our first cars, well most of us. Mine could out-rust the Titanic, but I loved it anyway.

From our first day, we wanted E@RTC to be something different. We set an expectation for multiple reasons, including to cultivate higher standards of behavior, including the willingness to ban those who behave badly. So what if our volunteers got beat with the ugly stick here and there, they can still run a mean event.

We wanted E@RTC to be something special to you. We wanted it to be the motivator to get up on a Saturday morning and see what shows up. To even our own delight, we see new stuff every week and we're there every Saturday!

See you all Saturday! It's looking like it will be a nice day...at least so far.