We're on for Saturday!

The weather is looking good for Saturday so come on out before it's too late. This could be your chance to meet that special someone to get you through the winter! It's expected to rain the following week, so this really could be your last remaining opportunity to see some great cars, have deep meaningful conversations, and a chance to build a beautiful future with all your new friends. Then again you could just stay home and clean the fridge. We're way more fun. Save fridge cleaning day for garbage night. You don't really want your neighbors to see you throw out that 20 year old orchid from the prom.

We never had garbage night when I was growing up. My brother and I ate everything that wasn't nailed down. My mother sat us down one night and tearfully told us it was embarrassing to be the only family on the block with no garbage. We secretly borrowed the neighbors so we looked wealthier than we were.

This is when it starts to tricky when predicting our season-end. We don't have an end of the year party, we just look at the forecast and call it; that we're done for the season without any big tearful farewell like the Titanic leaving port for the first time. We just stay home like it never happened. That's when you clean the fridge. We look at each other and say, WTF just happened?

For those of you who signed up for our email. I'm still sorting it out so this comes to you automatically. We're gathering up the email addresses, and we're checking the right boxes, etc., but we're still dealing with some minor technical issues. Once we have that all sorted out, you will get this the same day we send it. To that nursing home who got all our mail, there are no bedpan races. Damn spell check.