Just A Few Weeks Left In Our Season So Come Make New Friends!

This has been the longest stretch of nice Saturdays since we began E@RTC on that cold February morning in 2009. It was so cold everyone was peeing slush. I don't think I've been that cold since.

We've had a lot of fun this year and we don't want it to end. For those of you who have thought about coming out to spectate or participate in E@RTC but haven't yet, you need to come out and make some new friends before winter sets in and you're stuck with the old ones who tell you the same stories over and over again, probably fifty-three times by spring. I know you secretly want to super-glue their lips in their sleep. Instead, just come to E@RTC, say hello to some new people and improve your life! It costs almost nothing, and according to the app we use called, "Stay the Fu*k Away From Me!" very few of our participants and spectators have active restraining orders! They are generally extremely nice people. Yes, there are is an occasional sea urchin that will show up now and then, but don't step on them and you're fine. I think I dated a sea urchin once, I don't remember.

Stop for a moment and ponder the thought of another winter hearing your friend tell you about that time at work that they spilled soup. You know the story word for word. Wouldn't you want to actually say your busy and have it be absolutely true? We only have about seven or eight weeks left in our season and a couple of those Saturdays will be rained out, so who knows. You could meet your next ex-wife or business partner with the million-dollar idea. We could be done in a couple of weeks too and you'll miss the chance like the other nights lottery! We just don't know. We could ask a DeLorean owner when our season ends.

September 9 is the America's Car Museum's end of the year Fender Bender as sponsored by Fender Guitar and it's a party. Get it? Fender-Bender? I know I'll get lots of email about this because so many don't read our site and get badly confused. After E@RTC on September 9, at 11 AM we drive down to join the party at America's Car Museum down in Tacoma and have a good time. If you've not been to the museum before, it's the largest car museum in the US! (food's good too) It will be a party all afternoon! It's not the end of our season, just sort of their fall party, so don't write us asking if we're done for the season. We're not until the rain gods hose us down.

GOOD QUESTION, when DO we call it? When the forecast tells us it's not just going to rain on Saturday, but that we should round up two of every animal and build an ark. Even on clear days it's just too damn cold to be standing outside. We know better. The sudden ending of our season happens sometime towards the end of October, but almost always before Halloween.