We're Baaaack...! And Some Talk About Marketing

We had an outstanding time in Monterey and Nick and I caught the eclipse on the way home. We don't know if you heard about it but it was kind of a big deal. We thought it was very cool, but from Newport, Oregon, on the beach, the sky never went completely black. It was more like that moment at night when you're parents would scream at you to get your butt inside before you end up on a milk carton.

It took us over fifteen hours to get home in the sea of refugees heading north from war-torn Oregon, or so it felt. A guy in a sack race holding scalding coffee could beat us. We kept seeing the same kid on a skateboard the entire way. I've pushed cars faster.

We did have one issue that came up that I'll explain here before we get some email about it. No, it's not a candid talk about garden gnomes but that too is something we try and avoid. We have a rule for the Thugs, no "garden gnoming" at the event. Think about it for just a second... OooOoohh...

We had a text message go out last Saturday inviting people someplace that was a bit of a misunderstanding. It should not have gone out and we apologize. They have no connection to us and are in fact, now competing! 

We don't promote other companies who are not involved in E@RTC and we never have. We stopped doing drives to events that were not sponsors and hardcore supporters a long time ago when it became a problem in our first or second year. I know others have asked for permission to do the same thing and it's not something we can do for a variety of reasons. If you start a business, best not to rely on E@RTC for your marketing funnel. We'd love to see a healthy car community but all too often it's at the expense of something we worked hard to build ourselves and doesn't contribute to E@RTC's success.

We're tying to not make this a bigger deal than it is, and wanted to set the policy straight so you don't come back to us and remind us that we did "it" before. There was merely a miscommunication about the approval or it never would have happened. E@RTC is about you coming and having a good time at E@RTC and not about marketing to you as a focal point. We won't let that happen again, especially with our participants getting hit up for some other venture. We know our participants don't show up on a Saturday morning to be sold anything. We're there to have fun and see some great cars and make friends. We're also working to attract some very cool stuff, but that means the right audience and spectators have to be there. It's that chicken and egg problem again.

We do want to figure out a way to get more stuff into E@RTC that benefits you for participating, but that's still in the works as we want to do it right. We have some ideas but we're still pondering them carefully as we have a lot of interests to consider. We have a lot to do yet to keep building E@RTC so that you're delighted every Saturday.

We have about eight more weeks of decent weather before the rains hit and already we're working on our 10th season. There is a lot going on behind the scenes as we keep working to improve E@RTC. We're on the map in a big way and we're going to use that leverage to bring more cool stuff to our event.

The weather is looking good for Saturday and we don't think that will change. Everyone is back this week with stories to tell, pictures to show and bandages to remove so it should be a good Saturday!  See you then!