Today I'm Covering Shaved Legs, Combustibles, and Zombies

Saturday is going to be our best weather ever. It will be a day so perfect, people will write about it for centuries. Even the zombies in the great zombie apocalypse will sit around burning piles of trash, arranging protruding bones, reminiscing about this spectacular day. With a day-time high predicted to be in the upper 80s, we're going to see a very nice morning and probably a big turnout of cool stuff, especially with topless cars and guys in shorts.

Ten bucks to Vic if he shaves his legs! Twenty if he shaves only one! Anyone willing to up the bet? Hey, it's something to do! It's way better than looking out for snow.

We're still getting people who want to argue with Sean about what gets through the gate. Sean is the resident guru gate-master who does such a wonderful job of managing expectations on both sides. It's a much harder job than it looks and he deserves a very special thanks for his work without tazing anyone this season. Seriously, if nuns has Tazers when I was in high school, I would have spent my entire four years wiggling on the floor.

Nick will be back from Watershed and far less combustable than last weekend. Rumor is he had a very nice time, reminiscent of a spiritual retreat into the high mountain wilderness when he was a small boy. I say 'small' in relative terms. Some of our other Thugs will also be back after a badly needed weekend off. Some were also off in the woods finding themselves. I shant say more.

See you all on Saturday!