No Exotics at Redmond Town Center on August 19! We Really, Really, Mean It!

This is just a reminder that E@RTC is not happening tomorrow. We don't want to get email from you about some crappy Prius that got in and nobody cared. That wasn't us. We have the day off.

Tomorrow is a parking lot just like the one at Safeway, only with bushes and stuff. A lot of us are down at Monterey looking at much of same stuff we see at E@RTC only with different colors and people driving them that we just don't know. I can report, we're having a lot of fun.

We have the big fender-bender coming up on September 9 right after E@RTC that day, and before you get your undies in a bunch we're not talking about a real fender or a real bender. We're not going to smack into each other on the way out. This is the event at America's Car Museum to kind of wrap up their end of summer, but we're not done. Oh-no, we run straight until about mid October when the weather turns to crap and we all look at each other and agree we've had our fill until spring.