We're Taking the Weekend Off! and Bad Exits

Yes, that's correct. You read it right, there will not be any E@RTC this coming Saturday, August 19 because of car week in Monterey. A lot of our regular attendees and volunteers make the annual migration down to Monterey for Car Week. Besides, most of the volunteers have been working for thirteen weeks straight without a Saturday off and need to moisturize.

As a bit of trivia, a few of our volunteers actually go work the Concorso event in Monterey as if they can't get enough of E@RTC. So, if you're heading down, no you didn't take a hit to the head with a frying pan from your special someone in the middle of the night, or eat the wrong mushrooms, those are actual E@RTC Parking Thugs working those event too, only with different shirts! Some of the Thugs can't get enough of car shows so they have to do it or they grow hair where it shouldn't grow at all...ever.

Bad Exits

Once again, we had a few self-absorbed individuals lacking in maturity and self-control do burnout and behave badly when leaving the event. These individuals don't care one bit about our sustaining the event or you. They just want some attention they didn't apparently get from mom. We know who they are and are not welcome back. They ruin it for everyone. We ask you all to help us remind these poop waffles that the sustaining of these events requires good behavior. We go way past a zero tolerance policy, we go all the way to a minus 13 tolerance policy, which means banning you and thirteen people who look like you. Please exit like you're in a hospital zone. Remember those? DON'T RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE POOP WAFFEL!