Lamborghini Day! And... We Just Might See Rain...Guess not!

Redmond Town Center figured out a way to accommodate us for the center circle by moving the stage to the other side so we're back again in Center Circle for Lamborghini Day. Sunday is their FitFest event which some of us should attend...well all of us really. When I first read this, I thought they were talking about squeezing us fat guys with beach (ball) bodies into stuff half our size just for some laughs, but no, it's about fitness. It sounds like a fun event, even if snoozing on your couch is your favorite exercise.

Our Lamborghini population in the Northwest is not massive, but they are always impressive cars and there is nothing better than the sound of them all running at the same time. That hum is glorious! We want to also thank Lamborghini of Bellevue for their sponsorship and for helping us round up the cars. We do expect a good turnout.

The chink in the armor, bug in the soup, wrench in the gears, etc., is that there is a small chance Saturday will have some rain early in the morning so we're watching the weather closely, even though we're on. It's one of those weather systems where no matter how we call it, someone is going to complain if it does rain, but right now E@RTC is between the higher chances of rain. We're doing our best to get it right. 

We also have a lot of people starting to head down for Monterey after E@RTC for the annual car week where you get a see a lot of what we already see and do every Saturday morning! If you've never attended the car events at Monterey, it well worth the experience. It's everything from auctions to shows, car parades, to parties, etc., all in a single week. Some are flying, others are driving, nobody to my knowledge is walking or crawling. If they were, they should have left a few weeks ago. Some of us Thugs are heading down on Sunday, some Monday, others Tuesday...

I'm driving down and it's always a wonderful road trip and one of my all-time favorites. We have the best coast drive in the world and it's surprising how few people have done this spectacular drive. It's so worth it so just get in your damn car and go! Seriously! You will have fun.