Saturday July 15 is Car Collector Day!

We have some amazing car collectors in the Northwest so we should see some very special stuff this Saturday. When we're learning how to collect anything we all kind of work up to cars. In college the only thing I could afford to collect was dust. By the time you can afford to collect cars, well you've made it.

Think back for a moment. All of us are collectors in some way. We have those voluntary collections and involuntary collections. As an example, stamps, baseball cards, and unique beer cans are likely voluntary. Mismatched socks, broken electronics, ill-fitting clothes, bills, arrest warrants, restraining orders, are probably involuntary. The cars that likely show up at E@RTC- definitely voluntary.

Oh, a dating tip for you ladies; guys who collect cars-good. Guys who collect fingers-bad. BIG difference! Cars, good. Fingers, bad. Repeat twelve times before that next Tinder date. We don't want you to show up at E@RTC looking like a land crab explaining how he seemed so nice. We've heard that one before.

Is my car exotic enough (10PM the night before the event)?

While we're always happy to answer the question, we get a surprising number of late night emails from people who want to know if their car is exotic enough who plan to be there early the next morning. It's not a good time to ask the question. We're not Walmart so we're not open all night. Some of us need our beauty sleep and if you saw us, you can see we're not getting enough. We do our best to get you a response, but please, ping us a couple of days before in case we need time among us to decide if it's on the fence. Not literally on the fence, but you know what we mean.


We always want to know how we can best improve E@RTC and while we've heard the suggestion to put bags over our heads, we're hoping for something that will be a little less...Oh, I don't know, obvious. Yeah, we've heard get Vic a stool numerous times. We love feedback, so keep the email and blog posts coming!