Happy 4th! Back To Our Regular Lot On Saturday!

Happy 4th of July everyone! We hope this is a perfect holiday for everyone and that you don't burn the burgers and buns, not to mention -you-.

We're now back to our regularly scheduled events this coming Saturday and we expect to have more surprises as the season continues. I'm talking about in the form of cars, versus the other, "Honey I'm pregnant!" kind. We wouldn't be a reliable predictor of that one.

We're getting a lot more email from much further away from people who plan to bring their show-quality rides from all over the Pacific Northwest and make a vacation out of it. We're humbled when they make the effort to come from far and wide to participate in our great event. It means a lot to us. Someone from Fresno is bound to show up one of these days, either to chew me out for making fun of their town, or to tell me they are out of soup.

We typically get a lot of out-of-town spectators this weekend who are here on vacation so it's always nice to show off what we do so well. Many have never seen an exotic before and are thrilled to see what you brung. 

I don't know if you noticed but we've added a few more photographers to the list on our photo page. We've lovingly called them the "drive by shooters" since we began. They are doing an outstanding job of uploading their work so please thank them for the effort. A lot of them are real pros with poster-quality stuff. Yeah, we wish we could do blocks of photos on the individual pages, but we're not that sophisticated managing this site. Someday, we'll get that customized. Those photos as they are go everywhere and it's a big part of why our website continues to grow traffic. Thank you all for your efforts! (I'm typing with my thumbs up.)

After a lot of rained out Saturdays in a row, I believe this was the first time we were not rained out even once in June! For that reason, we ask that you thank a volunteer when you see them for their dedication and good cheer. They only get a day off when it rains. It also means that they gave up every Saturday morning in June. It's a lot to ask of anyone and we're deeply appreciative of the work. They have to get there long before the event starts to make sure everything is in place and to decide what's going to go where. Then there are all the little details, radios, shirts, signs, etc., so we're forever grateful that they come out.

We still have our criteria list of cars to post and it's going to stir up some stuff, so we're hesitant but we're just trying to make it easier for people to figure out where we have the line drawn this season. We hate having to draw the line in the first place, but we don't have any good choices on the matter and we hope people understand and don't start mailing us poop.

With regard to our last post about clubs behaving badly, we sure got a lot of great feedback. We didn't just get comments on the page, we also received email on the subject and as always we love to hear from you. Most understand the spirit of why we do what we do and the importance of having fun. It's just a parking lot. Nothing magic happens when you stand on it. Believe me, we've checked. Nick may have even licked it once to see if it was different. Nope, tasted just like all the others, he said.

Thanks again to all of you for participating and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday.