Excuse Me While I Gush A Bit

I'd like to gush a bit about our amazing car community! I'll start with the volunteers who get up early every Saturday morning, SHOWER, get dressed and drive to RTC, plan the lots, stage the flow for the day's anticipated traffic, and get the space ready for the day's show. It's like poetry in motion, synchronized swimming fat guys in Speedos, formation flyers with no planes, ball room dancers with radios; all working together, having each other's back to make the event run smoothly every Saturday as they do. We were down a lot of volunteers today because of badly needed time off for some, and yet, the others picked up the slack with no problem, all with a smile. What a team! I can't think of a greater bunch of people to spend time with on a Saturday morning.

Then we have our participants who bring out their stupendous machines for everyone to enjoy and today it was the Classic Car Club with their extraordinary group of cars that they painstakingly manage to keep running and in complete show-room condition. We had some of the finest examples of classic cars you will ever see along with their outstanding owners who were all a complete delight to host. Thank you all for coming out! The trouble a lot of you go through to bring your cars is not trivial and we can never thank you enough. The pictures from today will hardly tell the story.

Then we have our spectators who help this event remain as marvelous as it is, and are so respectful of the cars. These spectators often tell us to thank the participants who bring them out each week. Many spectators are seeing these cars for the very first time and have only otherwise seen them in pictures. Even those of you who are from Fresno who I pick on for no reason, other than, well, you're from Fresno and you can't explain why. You too play an important role.

I can't begin to express how rewarding it is for us volunteers to see so many people having such a great time each Saturday morning and how many enthusiasts there are for just about every car imaginable. I'm sure there are Ford Pinto enthusiasts group somewhere. I'm not sure I'd want to meet them, but we know they exist. Yeah, probably in Fresno.

I can't forget our photographers, better known as the "drive-by shooters" who do such an amazing job of getting their work posted. The quality of their work is on par with the best automotive magazines and if you look at how they do it, how they show up early, set up, etc., carefully plan their shots, you see how much thought goes into it. Can you imagine if what we typically know as drive-by shooters were using cameras instead of bullets? "Hey man, got a shot of you in your crib in your jam-jams..."

Then there is Redmond Town Center who has been behind us from the day we started and fully understands the meaning of community. They do a lot for us and are always there to help us improve the event somehow. There are a lot of people who come a long way to see what we all built and so I'm sitting here typing this while beaming with pride over what an outstanding event this has all become thanks to each and every one of you.

Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Yes, gushing with pride!