It's Great to Be Free!

I'm surprised by the number of people who email us asking how much it is to get into the show. I always want to say five hundred bucks for our last row ticket for 2019. When I tell them that it's free, sometimes they just don't believe me, even though I'd bet my dog on it. She's looking at me right now as she ponders the odds. We're free, we've never charged anything except for two events- one was our spectacular breakfast drive to the falls for the Lamborghini event and the other was our Carz party. In both of those events, they were still subsidized by us, but we all had a great time. We make it up in volume. (old software joke)

We in our regular lot this week followed by Classic Car Day next Saturday which will also be an outstanding day for us. We also have Lamborghini day coming up in August so be sure and come out for that one. It's all on our events page. We've always loved the feel of the regular lots because we get to talk to more people and it has the look and feel of a flash mob that can't dance.

We've been having our best season ever and we can't thank everyone enough for helping us make this happen every week. A big shout-out to Redmond Town Center, our sponsors on the sponsor page, our participants who bring out their amazing cars and our fabulous spectators who generate the enthusiasm to draw the cars. Thank you all for being a part of this. Thank you to the nice person who reads this blog. I'll slip you a few bucks when I see you. Everyone plays a part making this happen, which is why it's as free as a naked guy on a beach on a hot sunny day.

See you all Saturday.