Ferrari Day is On!!! (I can actually see your happy dance from here.)

Are you doing "the noodle" with the news? I can't believe it, but it's true! The weather turned our way! Therefore Ferrari Day is on and we're going see a lot of really cool cars this Saturday. This is the event that draws the most cars and spectators not to mention the glorious sound as the cars roll in.

This event is in the center of the mall and wraps around the building into our primary lots. It'a very fun day and one you don't want to miss. Ever. Ever-ever. This is one of the best days to bring in friends from out of town to see something you don't normally see. Of course, there will be the most coveted Ferrari there is, the fabulous 250 GTO along with some other really special cars to get all excited about.

The chance of rain has dropped to just 8% that morning so apparently Mom Nature just isn't feelin it and wants to go do something other than water the Northwest. I have no idea what she does in her spare time, but it's looking more and more like she's going to leave us alone.

We all remember last year and we waited to call it as long as we could and the weather folk got it wrong. This time, we think we're going to get a nice break, so let the festivities begin!