Ferrari Day!!!!...Isn't Looking So Good...

Hi Everyone! Well, shucks! (Does anyone say that anymore?) Right now, the weather isn't looking so good for Ferrari Day this coming Saturday June 10. We're not going to call it until after the 3:00 PM weather report on Thursday, but it's looking very doubtful. We don't want to 'dampen' what is normally one of our biggest days of our entire season, excuse the really bad pun.

The good news is we already have an alternate date picked out and we'll announce that on Thursday so we're not flooded with emails from people who are confused about the date. For right now, we're sticking with the 10th unless Mom Nature says nope, it's her watering day and she has other stuff to do. Mom Nature always kind of does her own thing you know.

Yes, we had Ferrari Day in the rain last year by accident when the weather folks said the rain would clear out much earlier than it did and the rain just hung over Redmond like a friend who won't go home. Some collectors went through a lot of trouble to bring cars, then had to spend hours getting them cleaned up again after the event, so we're wishing to be kind to everyone. Giving us grief about our rain policy isn't kind to everyone. Shucks.