Saturday, July 1 is Porsche Day And A Shout-out To Our Photographers!

This Saturday, July 1st, is Porsche Day, one of the biggest events of our season. We get more P-cars than any other event day and once again it's a chance to talk in a foreign accent, either German or ambiguous European. Given that so far the forecast looks like perfect weather and another warm Saturday morning, so expect to see a lot of really wonderful cars and not just Porsche, but like I said, there will be a lot of them. We do have to limit what gets in and that's always a challenge.

We now have 35 contributing photographers on our photo page and they all do magnificent work. If you've not scrolled through those photos, you're missing some very cool stuff. You may even find a photo of you! (assuming you're a regular attendee) You may see a photo of an old friend you've not seen since that time you spent in a Turkish prison who owes you a few bucks and some soap. You may also spot your dream car, girl, guy, dog or hoagie. We're not judging, so check out the photo page and if you know who they are thank them for contributing to our page. We're very grateful for their support and contributions to the site. See you all on Saturday!