We're On For June 24 And They Will be Going Topless!

This is going to be the first warm Saturday morning of our season. We all know what that means. The topless come out! You read that right! I'm talking about cars without tops. Some of these nifty open-top exotics have no heater so they only come and play on days like this. It's a great morning to come out and see the unusual, the fun, the oddly exotic, more hairy legs, and some legs that should be seen and others, well...bring dark sun glasses. You will thank me later.

We are very close to putting up a list of cars that help define what does and doesn't get into E@RTC to help those who have questions. It's taken a while to put it together and it's required a lot of thought. We're still gathering comments from some experts and as soon as we have it nailed down, it will be added as a new page to the site.

There will always be some special exceptions to the list for specific "story cars" so it's never going to be a binary matter (tech lingo)... more like fuzzy logic (more tech lingo). Fuzzy logic isn't just a matter of computational method, it's also how dogs think. If your doorbell rings, your dog runs to the door. It doesn't matter which side of the door the dog is on, it still runs to the other side; in or out. Try it if you don't believe me. I dated someone who did the same thing. Moving on.

We love your feedback so let us know how we're doing and what we can do to make the event even better. As always, we deeply appreciate your support.