We are ON for Saturday June 17 and Why We Do What We Do

For starters, Ferrari Day was another big success! Not as big as Amazon taking over downtown Seattle, but big in the world of exotic cars. Having 85 Ferraris show up anywhere is kind of a big deal. Having one of the most valuable Ferraris in the world show up is also a very big deal. Having two LaFerraris show up is also a very-very big deal. You don't see that every day unless you work at the factory, then you definitely see it every day unless you work in accounting, down in the basement where they keep the toilet paper and stuff.

I thought I'd write a bit about why we do what we do. If you notice our site, there is nothing on there about "us" as a focal point. It's all about the event. We will put up a volunteer page so you know who's who in the primate zoo, but we've been careful to make all of this about the incredible people that contribute by bringing out their magnificent rolling machines and the spectators that come out to see them. We're super-greatful for our volunteers and the hard work required to get that many cars sorted and landed in such a short time.

Still, our mission is to keep all this all about you; keeping us independent of anyone who wants to have influence over us, and completely in the best interests of everyone who makes this event happen. There is no monetary gain, no glory of any kind really, other than the satisfaction of smiling faces on as many people as possible. We intend to keep it that way as long as RTC will have us and everyone wants to see the event continue to grow. We do this because it's just great fun and we get to make a lot of friends. We never see the same stuff week after week. We're just as surprised as you are when something unique rolls up and it happens every Saturday! We never knew some of these cars even existed! It's not like we keep them in a basement somewhere.

The point is, you never want to miss a Saturday while we're in season. The summer months roll by and then everyone is bummed when the season is over with. So, while it's nice, come out and see the cool stuff that shows up. You will have a great time!

BTW- Note to candy marketing people out there. There is absolutely nothing fun about a "fun size" anything, ever! "Fun size" would be a MilkyWay bigger than Nick's head. Period!