We are Rained Out for Saturday, May 13!

The only things happy about the rain this Saturday are the slugs. They will be dancing with glee however they do it very-very slowly and without any music. You try dancing at one beat per minute. By the way, did you know that slugs are nature's gum?

I just read that we've not gone more than four days without rain since January. That must mean something to someone, but for us, it just means we're rained out more than usual. At some point summer will win. It could be in August 2019, but it will win...eventually...someday.


Some people are really confused and think we only have E@RTC on "event" days. Nay-Nay! We have E@RTC every Saturday that Mum Nature allows through late October when we're all sick of seeing each other and would rather be home micro-tweezing and storing food for winter. For those new to E@RTC, we have special events that are sort of the day when we super-size E@RTC with a theme. We try and do one theme a month, but because of all the rainy days (see above) we're kind of getting backed up. Think of event days as us turning up the volume to 11.


Speaking of which our next theme is British Car Day. This is one of my personal favorites, right up there with Nutter-Butters dipped in Nutella. (Sounds good doesn't it?) We hear it's what athletes and scientists eat.

The British Car folks are the without a doubt the nicest bunch of people we get all season and the cars are wonderful. It's a polite-fest which is kind of refreshing. They thank us and everything! You otherwise can't believe the stuff people call us sometimes. Some of it is stuff we've not been called in oh, I don't know, three, maybe four hours? I digress, as I often do, however this really is a very nice event with some very special cars, so please come out May 20th to join us for this unique day. It's well worth it!