Sliding Into Our Regular Weekly Season

Wow, did the weather folks ever get it wrong last Saturday. Then again, if they were good at predicting the future none of them would be divorced. We did our best to call it right and looked at every forecast we could find except for one of the Thug's "Magic Eight-Ball" that he uses to buy stocks, which as we can now see, may explain why he's still renting a basement by the day from a relative. In the past we tried desperately to send Thugs into the future to check the weather, but the only place they went was a Burn Unit, so we got out of the future business entirely.

It actually was raining in blotches here and there, but not where any of us were standing on Saturday and nothing came within miles of RTC. We love it when they get the weather right and hate it when they are wrong just like you do, so don't bother yelling at us because we will yell back and a couple of us yell really loud.

This week will be our normal show space which is the lots between Ducati and BJs restaurant and over to the hotel construction site. This is where we normally do things until we have big event days. We don't yet have a new day for Lamborghini day, but it will be posted soon enough. Getting the event days on the calendar always takes a while to sort out.

We continue to wrestle with the problem about how to best manage the threshold of what does and doesn't get into the show and as we've said since we began, we have no plans to ever lower our standards, regardless of how we dress. The issue is always about the other direction because we get overrun with cars that while okay in small quantities, can't take up the whole show or we'd hear from spectators who are not that interested in those cars. A badge doesn't make a car interesting to look at.

I think what surprises us most is the smattering of people, somewhat like a dripping faucet, who still think this show is about them rather than the bigger considerations about what we think our spectators love most. Arguing that the criteria is relationship-based doesn't work with us and we get that a lot. Telling us "I'm friends with _______" doesn't work because that's been a running joke since we began. The same with the argument that someone has attended from the beginning. That doesn't give anyone, including ourselves, a special pass.

Many of us already own daily drivers that are rare and far more expensive than those arguing to get in, which is kind of funny, yet we hold the same standards for ourselves and don't make it about us. It's why we give you that puzzled look when we see that some of you, even after seeing the show all these years, still remain oblivious to our objectives. We want it to be worth the drive from Fresno, even though just about anything is worth the drive from Fresno.

Our goal is to always attract the best examples of exotic and rare cars that can be found in the Northwest. That's what our spectators and participants demand. Thats how we manage our brand.

We will be forced to limit sub-brands such as AMG, M and various models of other brands to arrive at a reasonable ratio of what we think best reflects a good show. Again for those new to our event, we always balance the expectations of our spectators and participants with the highest quality show in mind.

Our general rule of thumb is we ask ourselves when a car comes in if someone would drive fifty miles to come see that particular car. If you could find an example just driving one parking lot at QFC, it's probably not going to make the grade. This isn't to say that some examples wouldn't be welcome, but not every AMG or M car fits our standards. So if you can't get in, just pop-N-lock on over with your best moves and still have a good time with the rest of us.