We are rained out for May 6, Lamborghini Day

I'm sorry to report that we are rained out for this coming Saturday. Lamborghini Day will be rescheduled. You may be asking why we called it rained out when some are showing only a 10% chance of rain. It's a wonderful question and right up there with, why are the Kardashians famous?

We noticed big conflicts between the various weather forecasters and decided to hold off on our decision until after the 9 PM National Weather Service update. Even after we got the update, they said things like "the models don't agree" and we're thinking what? The only thing models ever agree about is that food is bad for you, but we digress. They didn't even want to talk about Saturday at all which was unusual other than they said rain would taper off sometime Saturday. We imagine they were inside their basement high-fiving each other like they just pulled one on all of us. We then looked at other sources who take their data and add their own take, and all but one were showing a 30% or greater chance of rain, so we decided to call it off.

For those of you who get a nervous tick in your eye if you don't see an exotic within a few days, America's Car Museum in Tacoma is kicking off their Exotics static display that begins at noon on Saturday. We're getting a lot of questions about their use of our name. No, we are not connected in any way other than we support the museum when we can. We do hope you go down and have a good time and enjoy the museum.

Sorry everyone, we hope to see you all again on May 13!