We're on for Saturday, June 3 and Other Fun Stuff

It's looking like we're on again for another beautiful Saturday morning. The weather is only going to get better with more surprises as we roll through the season.

We're getting a lot of email with questions about what cars are qualified to get it. We're glad people are asking if they don't know. We really hate to turn anyone away at the entrance and we're happy to take the time to answer your email. Right now, Dan is working on a chart that shows each brand and what does and doesn't make the cut this season. No matter what, there will be adjustments and it will continue to be a living document. Again, even though we say it everywhere, for those who get upset with us because they don't make the cut, we're just trying to put on the best show possible and we cover the topic to death.

We see the pride when people pull up and it kills us to have to say no sometimes. Some people have spent hours and hours getting their ride ready to go only to get turned away. When Sean turns them away, nice as he is, it can still feel as if he just dragged them out of their car through the little side window, kicked them in the huevos rancheros and stuffed them back through the same window upside down and sent them on their way. We genuinely hate doing it.

Through all this, it made me think about the first car I even owned. It would be fun if others would write about the same thing in the comment section. I never could have imagined what automotive would someday become. We couldn't comprehend WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, self-driving, night vision, and all the other stuff that's now on the market.

My first car was a 1968 Fiat 850 Spider Hard Top. It was safety-cone orange for a reason and often just as useful. While other cars could go from 0-60 faster than me, I could out rust all of them. It had all the structural integrity of Jiffy-Pop and was about as safe as driving a granade. Coolant was my cologne as it would continually drip from somewhere under the dash. It was a clown car of two because everywhere I went, people would fall over laughing.

It was fun to drive and easy to push. I remember how I felt about my car and to me it was a Ferrari. When I looked at it, I saw 'fast,' yet to everyone else, they saw something that could barely compete with a wheelchair. Slugs beat me to school. It had a shockingly powerful 47hp motor that could do 0-60 in under two days. I saw one on the road the other day and I actually cheered. Not because it was so rare, but because nobody was pushing it. Someone said to me, FIAT stood for "Fix It Again Tony" and everywhere I went took about as long as it did to walk because I'd have to pull over somewhere, walk back, pick up something off the road that fell off and then place it in the trunk unless it was something I needed to go...or stop. It was like one of those parade floats that throws candy only in this case it was parts.

We've all shared our stories about our first car and we'd love to hear more from you.

We do answer each and every email that same day when you inquire. Issues surrounding that standard are the biggest single area of contention, but that bar is also what sustains the integrity of the event so we have no plans to lower the bar.

We love your feedback!